The Match Master 6 is an evolution of the line of revolvers that have been developed over the last 50 years for use in PPC (Police Pistol Combat) competitions. Back in the early 1960s the NRA and Law Enforcement agencies in the USA created the PPC program to encourage revolver training and competition. Since the 1970s pistolsmiths have been building custom PPC revolvers for those who wanted to get the best competitive advantage. Many of the custom features of these revolvers such as enlarged adjustable sights for a sharp sight picture, tuned triggers, and improved grips carried over to other types of precision revolver shooting such as “bullseye” or ISSF.

The next generation of Match Master is based on the Chiappa Rhino and takes a new approach. Previously the revolvers were either very heavy for PPC where they are fired with two hands and recoil recovery was important, or they were very light for Bullseye/ISSF Precision where they are fired with one hand. The revolutionary Rhino design allows the revolver to be controllable without requiring the additional weight.

The Wilson Match Master 6 features: A fully adjustable 3-position sight system with a large flat, sharply defined sight picture. The 3-positions allow for pre-set zero from 10M to 50M. A tuned double-action trigger. An adjustable rubber trigger overtravel stop. A Hogue grip. PVD finish. Licensed By: Richard Wilson



SKU: 340.302
EAN: 8053800941594
Type of Gun: Revolver
Caliber: 38 Special
Action: Single / Double
Barrel Length: 6″ (152.4 mm)
Capacity: 6
Trigger System: Single
Grips: Hogue® Micarta
Front Sight: Aristocrat®
Safety: Cylinder Block, Cylinder Rotation, Hammer Block
Weight: 2.91 lbs (1.320 kg)
Length: 10.5″ (266 mm)
Material: Ergal Frame, Steel Barrel & Breech Shield
Finish: Grey PVD
Extraction: Manual


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